Got Notion?

Light-Imagery - Through The Fog Of TreesI do. Got a notion to keep this going. Keep this tree of notions growing. We have met the notion and it is us. If we don’t do it, who will? There are many things need writing about. Truth and injustice, life and death and everything else in between. That pretty much covers it.

So, right now I’m serving notion that this is alive and will do some kicking. Let’s celebrate what’s right with the world as we deal with all the things that are not. Otherwise, how will we survive with happiness while being aware that there is some misery.

What is your joy? Love, family, friends? Those are most precious. What do you do to pass the time together and bring a smile to your faces? Music, art, stories? Sharing those experiences is easier now than ever thanks to many genius folks who lived their dreams to bring the world closer together through wonderful technologies that have turned impossibilities into reality. Even when those were close to are not near.

Sounds, words, images, movies, face to face or preserved for time, it’s all there for the taking. And the giving. Anyone can do it. Imagination. That is the limit.

Everything new is old again. And the other way around. The hope of the world is bringing us together with our similar differences. Musical philosopher Billy Joe Shaver said “the one thing in common is we all are different, we’re supposed to be that way“. Makes sense to me. We still all need a place to sleep, to eat and to take care of those we care about. Wherever we are.

Maybe your notion is my notion. We shall see.

New Blog – Mobile Image World

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. So said John Lennon and that is what seems to have happend to this blog. Some serious family health issues have put a lot of less pressing things in life on hold. I had just started another blog, Mobile Image World and was going to both when our lives changed.

Recently I was motivated to restart Mobile Image World due to a momentous event taking place, the LA Mobile Arts Festival. It is the biggest event of its kind to date. It has been quite creatively put together by the founders of and is taking place now in Santa Monica, California. I invite you to join me at Mobile Image World where I am blogging about this and other topics related to mobile photography and art.

As time allows it would be great to restart this blog. I hope that happens.

Chris Nielsen – Notion Tree


Yesterday's MemoriesMy first story “Yesterday’s Memories” on Cowbird was included on in a featured collection “Found Photographs” on the front page of today. This poem, photo and story was also published here at Notion Tree.

For those unfamiliar with, it is an interesting and different concept of collecting and curating meaningful content. I find it refreshing because it is different than the fast paced momentary gratification that is Twitter, Facebook, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just that there are ways to use the resources of the internet for more permanent curating of creative content. Our books, magazines and letters of the modern tech age. In a way, the internet is still in it’s infancy with a lot of room for growth and direction. Blogs, photo and music sites as well as other avenues of communications are opening up and are encouraging a new age of writers and creative people by providing a platform in the clouds of opportunity.

Not that this so new, but there are ideas and concepts, like Cowbird, yet to be built and explored. Tech startups are growing like weeds. This is a time of opportunity. Some of the weeds will fall by the wayside. Some will become flourishing and thriving growth for our future.

Just some rambling thoughts for the day…

Chris Nielsen – Notion Tree