Welcome to Notion Tree

Sometimes a great notion grows here…
Notion Tree is a blog about current events, technology and creativity.

World English Dictionary 
 notion  (ˈnəʊʃən)
— n
1. a vague idea; impression
2. an idea, concept, or opinion
3. an inclination or whim
 [C16: from Latin nōtiō  a becoming acquainted (with),examination (of), from noscere  to know]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition

This definition of notion should leave plenty of room for interpretation of topics to cover and freedom of expression in writing about them. Favorite topics are likely to be design, photography, art, music, movies, writing, and anything else of interest. Let the notions begin!

My name is Chris Nielsen and this is my blog. You can also find me on FacebookGoogle+,
Light-Imagery.com – My photography website and Sunset Street Design.


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