Sometimes a great notion…

Notion Tree – Sometimes a great notion grows here…

The idea for the title and the subtitle for this blog was borrowed from the title of one of my favorite novels, Sometimes A Great Notion by Ken Kesey.
His so called stream of consciousness style of writing has been an inspiration to many who have had the notion to put words into play.

“Look…Reality is greater than the sum of its parts, also a damn sight holier. And the lives of such stuff as dreams are made of may be rounded with a sleep but they are not tied neatly with a red bow. Truth doesn’t run on time like a commuter train, though time may run on truth. And the Scenes Gone By and the Scenes to Come flow blending together in the sea-green deep while Now spreads in circles on the surface. So don’t sweat it. For focus simply move a few inches back or forward. And once more…look.”
― Ken Kesey, Sometimes A Great Notion

This book is a great read, do yourself a favor and check it out. If you can’t locate it at your local library it is available at Even with Paul Newman and Henry Fonda the movie adaptation did not quite live up to the expectations of the book. The very nature of this novel with its writing style probably did not lend itself well to the silver screen. Still worth a view if you get the chance. But, by all means, read the book!

Kesey evidently got the idea for his title from a line in the song Goodnight Irene made popular by Leadbelly.

Some times I live in the country
Some times I live in town
Some times I take a great notion
To jump in the river and drown

Hopefully, one great notion will lead to another and in the meantime we’ll try to stay out of the river. Goodnight Irene.


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