Why do Cabela’s clothes last so long?

Why is it that my Cabela’s shorts and T-Shirts bought so many years ago are still mostly intact? How can this be when other similar items bought more recently have become rags or are not even around in any form? Quality oriented minds want to know.

Around fifteen years ago I purchased about a half dozen pairs of shorts and a dozen or so pocket T-Shirts from Cabela’s. Most of them still exist in varying states of condition mostly depending on what level of abuse they have been subjected to. Some have minor holes from my abuse, some are in very good condition and all were used extensively. Other shorts and shirts bought in the same era or later have long since entered the ether of clothes that now only exist in faded memories. Some clothes bought very recently have completely blown apart or had one part like a broken zipper render them completely useless.

Right now a pair of Cabela’s khaki cargo type shorts and a faded Cabela’s pocket tee adorn my appreciative and quite comfortable body. We hear a lot about comfort foods. These are my comfort clothes. The shorts have button cargo pockets with 3 out of 5 buttons still intact. A couple of small holes and a slight frayed edge or two grace the shirt. The stitching and construction remain sturdy and strong in both. Maybe not Sunday go to meeting condition, but certainly adequate for a trip to the grocery store or kicking around the house.

Which is more valuable, low price or high quality? These clothes have paid for themselves many time over. I tend to keep cars, computers and clothes for what is probably a longer than average time. To make this work in practice, you need to have higher than average quality built into what you buy. Of course, we still don’t want to pay a lot more for that privilege. I don’t mind paying a little bit more. For example, I buy only Apple computers and use them for longer than the average tech upgrade cycle. To be fair, Cabela’s clothes are in line with what one would pay at a department store. Yes, discount store offerings are cheaper in price, and build.

Are Cabela’s offerings still of higher than average quality? They still offer their legendary guarantee. That’s a good sign. Maybe I’ll have to order up a pair new dress cargo shorts and find out.

(disclaimer) I’m not connected with Cabela’s in any way and never have been other than being a satisfied customer.


2 thoughts on “Why do Cabela’s clothes last so long?

  1. Nice! How refreshing to hear about stuff so well-made it lasts! I grew up in Canada where people earn lower salaries and pay higher taxes and have fewer stores…so shopping is not done for cheap amusement. I grew up taking for granted that you buyer fewer, better (made) things and wear them for a long time. Why not send a note to Cabela’s? I bet they’d love to hear this…

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