Live From Daryl’s House – Have You Seen This?

Live From Daryl’s House started on the internet as a free monthly show back in 2007 and somehow was only recently found by me on a local over the air TV station. LFDH is now in syndication on your TV, check your local listings for time and station. Featuring Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates fame, with different musical guests each show and members of his own band playing music in his living room/recording studio. Guests range from Smokey Robinson, Todd Rundgren, Robbie Krieger and Nick Lowe to Mutlu, Patrick Stump and Matt Nathanson just to mention a few. Daryl manages to have a variety of artists – long time established artists to new and upcoming artists to keep it fresh. There are 47 shows archived on the LFDH site for you to watch. A little something for nearly every musical taste.

Surprising to me is that this show has been on the net for 4 years plus, on the TV for a while and I had to find it by accident one late night while channel surfing. Talking to other friends who are tuned into all things music and the internet it was even more surprising to find they also had never heard of LFDH. This is why it would seem to be worthy getting the word out here. Tell a friend…

It does not seem fair to call this a reality show, even if that is how it may be categorized. Reality shows have such a negative, smarmy connotation. This show has Daryl and his friends playing music live, good music, talking about music and their lives. Then they are off  to Daryl’s kitchen enjoying some great food and more talk. It is all very informal, relaxed and enjoyable. It seems very un-staged and without all the phony Hollywood hype. Thank goodness! That is the secret of why this show works. And the music, the music is great.


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