Steve Jobs – One Last Thing

Steve Jobs – One Last Thing airs on PBS November 2, 2011. This is likely to be a definitive look at the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. One Last Thing brings to mind that special moment viewers of his presentations would be waiting for. The moment where we just knew something special was about to be revealed. With a previously unseen exclusive interview of Jobs to be broadcast in this program, interviews with Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, Robert Cringely, Walter Mossberg and others who worked with and who knew Jobs well, this One Last Thing seems unlikely to disappoint.

Nearly a month has passed since the death of Steve Jobs and PBS has had an opportunity to produce a more comprehensive, thoughtful and historical look at a man that has influenced technology and our lives in a lasting way. A couple of brief quotes from the PBS article linked above:

Few men have changed our everyday world of work, leisure and human communication in the way that Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, has done. The scope of his impact was evident in the outpouring of tributes from around the world…


The documentary takes an unflinching look at Jobs’ difficult, controlling reputation and through interviews with the people who worked closely with him or chronicled his life, provides unique insight into what made him tick.

I’m looking forward to watching this and, one last thing… it would be great to see what other viewers take away from this documentary.


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