iPhone 3GS – Drive it like you stole it…

For U$28 it feels that way. That is all it cost out the door at the local AT & T store. They had been sold out of the price is right 3GS on previous trips. Finally, 4 days ago the stars lined up and I purchased my first iPhone. In fact, my first smartphone ever. There was never any question that it would be the iPhone.

For 4 days now I’ve had a ball learning how to use it, installing apps, surfing, emailing anywhere/everywhere, listening to music, getting directions… Holy Cow, is there anything this thing can’t do? Fortunately, I already had some experience with friend’s iPhones and even provided tech support for one technophobe friend having problems with his iPhone, mobile.me and MS exchange.

It is nice that this device, software and usage is so well developed and the presence is so entrenched. It’s a good time to be an iPhone user. So many apps, so little time. Everybody seems to want to cater to the iPhone connection.

Apps dl’d so far:

Evernote, Dropbox, Springpad, Currents, Flipboard, BandOfTheDay, RadioParadise, SoundHound, Instagram, PS Express, FB, FB Messenger, Skype, Accuweather, MyRadar & PayPal. Some of the like apps are on a shake-out to see which one fits my work & info/flow the best. Have used or at least opened and checked out all apps.

Set up most of my current, multiple email addresses. DL’d a few songs and loaded a bunch from my Mac. Rolled and loaded a bunch of custom made iPhone wallpapers. DL’d and installed a bunch of ringtones. Got some iBooks, mostly free. Took a some photos and videos, sent them to my MBP via DropBox, quite painless. Used iCal for appointments, Notes for shopping lists and to do’s shared seamlessly with the MBP via iCloud. Listened to my fave internet radio station RadioParadise while driving around town. I could go on and on.

So far the 3GS is proving to be quite the bargain. It may not be the 4 or 4S, but the price cannot be beat. The cel reception seems to be better than my previous phone, a very basic _dumb_ phone. That is good news and was a concern prior to purchase.

The faster performance of the newer iPhones doesn’t really bother me, this is the only iPhone I’ve ever owned. Much of my internet usage is on WiFi. Even the 3G network seems adequate, although somewhat slower, it’s ok.

One disappointment, can’t block phone numbers from spammers/telemarketers. Looks like the blacklist apps available work better on a phone that’s been jailbreaked. Not going to go that route on my phone. Must admit, I do not understand why it is possible to block numbers on a dumb phone, but not on a smart phone. Is it for technological reasons or an error of omission?

Overall, my satisfaction rating would have to be 99% favorable with the iPhone 3GS. It is not surprising that Apple continues to produce and sell mass quantities of this version of the iPhone. They have added backwards compatibility for most features in the iOS. The iPhone environment is mature and the platform is robust.

This might sound like old news for long time iPhone users, but imagine what it would be like if you had never had an iPhone before and one just fell into your hands. Or worse, imagine what it would be like if your iPhone was taken away.

Chris Nielsen – Notion Tree


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