Speaking Of Flipboard

It’s official, Flipboard has me hooked. If you like to read quick, diverse, magazine style current events, news and articles of your choice in an attractive informative format, Flipboard can get you hooked too. Download this free social news reader magazine app today and see for yourself.

Being a constant hunter-gatherer of information, news and knowledge, Flipboard was made for me. I still start my day on the laptop with coffee and catching up with Google News, FB, G+, Twitter and email. Throughout the day when time allows Flipboard on the iPhone gets used to fill in reading time with articles of interest on a wide range of subjects and tidbits of knowledge adding more spice along the way. Convenient, responsive, mobile, I can use it anywhere my iPhone goes.

To help anyone just getting started or looking to expand their Flipboard experience here is Nine Ways That You, Too, Can be a Flipboard for iPhone Power User.

Flipboard also has a handy Help page too. Or you can access it in the Flipboard app by tapping the Settings gear, then About, there you will find Help.

After only a week with it on my iPhone, please call me a Flipboarder!

Chris Nielsen – Notion Tree


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