iPhone Foto Art

Still having fun with my new to me iPhone 3GS and as a photographer the handy always with me iPhone camera is getting a lot of use. The aspect of having a camera that fits in my pocket with onboard photo editing apps and connectivity is thrilling. Shoot, edit and upload from anywhere. That is why the iPhone camera is my camera of choice right now.
Check out my iPhone Foto Art gallery on Google+/Picasa. All photos were made with the iPhone 3GS. All but the first few were edited on the iPhone. My iPhone has about ten photo editing apps onboard. Snapseed and PhotoForge2 with PopCam are the two I use the most. Between the two, they have many if not most of the features photographers are accustomed to using with Photoshop or other high power/high$ photo editing apps on their laptop or desktop. For about $10, the cost of my two main apps, the level of control and capability is amazing.

The usual photo editing controls and adjustments are available with some variations between the two apps. Then there are many filters to give your photos a special look, feeling and pizzazz. Some of these filters would cost many extra dollars as add on plugins and filters for Photoshop on your full size computer.

There are so many photo apps out there with many different filters and features available. One of the most comprehensive and helpful guides on this subject is How Did I Do That? – Free Step by Step Instructions for Creative iPhone Photography. Much appreciation and my hat is off to the author Cynthia Louden for this thoughtful, creative and did I mention comprehensive tutorial.
Keep in mind when viewing my iPhone photos that my camera is only the 3GS. The iPhone 4 and 4S cameras have even more megapixels and features. Also, most of my current iPhone photos are in square format for posting to Instagram where you can find me @chris_nielsen .

It has been said that the best camera is the one you have with you. Take advantage of the camera you always have with you and have fun too. I would love to see your iPhone photos, so send us a link.


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